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Return Policy



If the goods have not been returned in accordance with the instructions and methods provided bythe customer service, the company reserves the right to refuse to return. Allreturns must be returned within 7 working days from the date of receipt of thegoods. Online orders can be returned at the office. The returned styles need tobe contacted on the website. You can choose to pay at the office or SF to paythe shipping fee. All returned items must be brand new and unopened, and thecomplete package should contain bar code stickers, bags, boxes and more. Returnmethod: First notify the customer service director of the relevant returnitems, and then send the goods to the office, any SF Express service center orother courier company, members must pay the shipping fee Careful quality checkswill be carried out before shipment.

Careful qualitychecks will be carried out prior to shipment. If there are quality problems ordefective goods, the shipping cost will be paid by Citibest; Replacement value:The replacement of the equivalent goods will directly arrange the exchangeprocess; the replacement of the goods larger than the original purchase amountmust be paid in excess. Out of stock: In case of out of stock, Citibest willrefund the full amount to the member's payment account. In order to avoid outof stock, please return the goods as soon as possible.


Only one return service is provided foreach order. In order to avoid disputes, please confirm the return of the goodsand the return of the goods you requested before returning the goods, and thencarry out the packaging for return and exchange. Members must pay the shippingfee.

Please note: If you are assisted by the telephonecustomer service director to apply for a return, you have agreed to the fullreturn conditions described by us, and the Customer Service Officer can applyfor a return procedure. If it is found that the returned goods do not meet thefull return conditions, we will return the returned to the shipping addressprovided by the customer before, and the customer will bear the returnshipping.


Complete return conditions

When returning the product, please notethat the following conditions must be met to be a complete return:


Brand new product:Products cannot be returned if they are used or modified. Complete packaging:Please return all the goods in full package, including barcode stickers, bags,boxes and so on

Unable to return the goods|

  • More than 7 days of appreciation.
  • Non-new products: used and merchandise have obvious traces of use
  • Non-complete packaging: The complete package should contain barcode stickers, bags or boxes, tags, and accessories.
  •  Customized embroidery bibs cannot be returned. Please confirm that the embroidery name provided is correct before purchase. The order will not be accepted after the order is established.
  •  During the non-trial period of the appreciation period, if the goods have been unpacked and the outer packaging is damaged, it cannot be restored to the original state, so that it can no longer be sold with new products.
  •  Based on personal hygiene considerations, close-fitting clothing such as a fart, a jumpsuit, etc., cannot be returned once unpacked.
  •  The product has been used for traces, taste or artificial contamination.
  • The product has been cut, the water has been washed, and the merchandise accessories/activities have been lost or damaged.
  •  The goods have been processed by themselves, such as embroidered, cut, modified, printed and dyed, etc.

In case of any dispute,  Citibesthk reserves the right of final decision.